Door Track Repairs & Patio Door Track Replacement in Corona, CA

At Traks R Us in Corona, California, we offer patio door track replacement services. We specialize in all types of door track repairs and are committed to helping you save money.

Repair Services

If your patio door track is damaged or difficult to open, give us a call. You don't need to spend thousands of dollars purchasing new doors - we provide high-quality door track repairs that are done right the first time. Over time, door tracks are rotted by lime in the concrete below, and it's common for the wheels or tracks to break down.
If you answer YES to any of the questions below, give us call.
  1. Does your door take both hands to open?
  2. Does your door need new hardware?
  3. Is your track corroded?
  4. Does your screen door slide easily?
  5. Are your closet doors not sliding properly?
  6. Do you need new windows or doors?
Sliding Door - Apartment complex sliding door repair in Corona, CA
We will have your sliding door opening and closing with ease in no time. We provide door track repairs and bottom patio door track replacement services at affordable rates.

We Repair & Replace

  • Patio Door Tracks
  • Handles
  • Locks
  • Screens
  • Rollers
  • Wheels
  • Windows
  • Other Doors in Your Home, including Sliding Closet Doors

Our Process

We carry over 120 different patio door tracks, which can match any existing door and is very easily installed. We first start by removing the screen door, sliding door and stationary door. Then we carefully remove the bottom track so not to damage the existing stucco. We clean all loose debris and old caulking to make a smooth surface. We then install a layer of caulking onto the slab and then install a polyurethane barrier, which is specially made for track replacement onto the slab, and over the stucco as the lime in the stucco is the original problem of the corrosion (electrolysis). We then add another layer of caulking and then the track is cut to the exact size to fit into the opening. We then anchor the track onto the slab with three screws under the stationary door.
Finally, we install new stainless steel rollers into the bottom of the sliding door and screw it down. We reinstall the sliding door, stationary door, screen door and any other hardware that needs to be replaced. All this work can be completed in between one to two hours and the jobsite will be cleaned and ready to operate for another 10 to 20 years. We have installed thousands of tracks and rollers over the years. Call today for your FREE estimate.
Contact us in Corona, California, for more details about our inexpensive door track repairs and patio door track replacement services.